Recent Before & After Photos

Content Clean Up

After a fire, customer's contents are typically covered in smoke and soot. Our team at SERVPRO of LBL South will do our very best to put your affected belonging... READ MORE

Smoke & Odor Removal

At SERVPRO of LBL South, once a fire happens, we understand that daily life seems impossible any time in the near future. We work our hardest to make sure you g... READ MORE

We Tackle Mold Issues

This lakeside home suffered a very severe water damage after the hot water heater had a pipe burst. Water had flooded throughout the house, which consequently c... READ MORE

No More Wet Floor

A pipe under the sink in the kitchen had burst, flooding the house in multiple areas including their living room. Our team was able to address the situation, re... READ MORE

We Only Do What's Necessary

During the demo phase, our team only removes the materials that are damaged and/or affected - that's it. We strive to save time and money for our customers, wit... READ MORE

Commercial Water Extraction

A section of this carpet and drywall had been saturated with water after a fridge water supply line began to leak overnight. Thankfully our team was able to ext... READ MORE

Storm Damage Repair

A combination of heavy rain and strong wind damaged this home, leaving the floors saturated in specific areas. We were able to remove the affected materials and... READ MORE


When a large disaster strikes anywhere in the United States, SERVPRO franchises across the nation team up to bring relief to those affected in that area. We are... READ MORE

Student Housing Water Loss

A defective water heater caused water damages on two levels of this student housing facility. The upstairs unit had saturated carpets while the ceiling of the d... READ MORE

Mitigation Masters

After a severe water heater malfunction, this basement was heavily saturated. Our team was able to remove all affected materials, spray for microbial growth, an... READ MORE